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JYJ To Start Their 9-Stop World Tour

JYJ’s management company C-Jes expressed on the 23rd, “JYJ will begin their world tour concerts next month on the 2nd and 3rd at Thailand, Bangkok.”
The tour will reach many areas in Asia and extend into Canada and North America near the end of the tour.

The whole concept of the tour revolves around ‘Creative Challenge’. With JYJ member Kim Jaejoong assuming the role of concert director and over 120 minutes of stage performance to tend do, he has been personally taking charge of the lighting, speakers, choreography, and stage props.

During the performances, the members will reveal their 4 new, personally produced songs. C-Jes expressed, “Finishing touches are being added to the members’ new songs, with the practice progressing into the last stage. Everyone will do their best to go all out for these concerts.”

As director, Jaejoong said, “We want to interact with the fans on a closer level, so we will work hard to utilize the stage to it’s max. With 23 songs, each individual song has elements that match with the main theme of the stage.”

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