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[NEWS] 110323 TVXQ “Royal Family” transformation for Esquire magazine

TVXQ have transformed into the “Royal Family” for their recent Esquire photoshoot. The duo U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin had a photoshoot for Esquire in March for the April issue in a hotel suite in Seoul. The concept was the “Royal Family.”

The famous photographer Jo Sunhee was in charge of the shoot and photographed TVXQ in a very upscale room. Both of the members took photos that represented some sort of conflict and expressed a subtle emotions. It can even be said that the viewer was looking at a scene of a movie.
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Yunho wore a dark grey suit and is looking at woman who seems upset. Changmin is wearing blue pants with a light grey jacket and seems to be in a deep conversation with the old man sitting at the desk before him. His role in this photoshoot seems to be similar to Changmin’s role in his first drama “Paradise Ranch.” Changmin played a conglomerate’s son in the drama.
TVXQ are currently promoting their title track “Before U Go” from their repackaged album.
Source: Newsen
Credits: Koreaboo
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