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[TRANS] 110318 World Vision Japan “Thanks JYJ For Their Support And Donation Of 600 Million Won”

World Vision expressed its gratitude towards JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu).
On the 17th, World Vision wrote a tweet of thanks to JYJ, who donated to help those in Japan affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

World Vision wrote, “Korean group JYJ, who have been continuously acting as sponsors for children, sent us a message of support as well as 600 million Won to help those in Japan who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Eastern Japan.”

The foundation also uploaded JYJ’s support message that said, “It pains our hearts and saddens us to see so many people affected by the unexpected earthquake. JYJ will be praying so that things will settle down as soon as possible and that everyone in Japan will be safe.”

Japanese fans who saw this video expressed their gratitude as they said, “We are so moved by their sincerity,” and “I didn’t know they were sponsoring children, I’m so thankful.”
Source: [tv daily+Yuaerubi]
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