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Jaejoong’s Jiji is shy!

JYJ fans would definitely know the famous, Jiji. For those who doesn’t and is knew to them, Jiji is JYJ’s Jaejoong’s beloved cat. He usually tweets about her and she also became a celebrity through twitter because of her handsome owner, Jaejoong. Fans fell in love with her and her cuteness. Jaejoong retweeted a tweet by a friend of his about Jiji. Indeed, Jaejoong’s fondness and love for her shows. Check the tweet and picture below!

Original Tweet:
지지는 비닐봉질 조아행~~
내가 불럿더니 봉지 안으로 다이빙~~~
브끄브끄~ㅋㄷ 꺄악~~~완죤 긔여웡!! ^♥^
JiJi likes plastic bags~~I called him over and he dived into the bag~~~ He’s shy~ lol Kyah~~~ He’s so cute!! ^♥^
Source: @bums1313 & @mjjeje|twitter +
Written by Eunice Faye Tresvalles / Associate Writer

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