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TVXQ Yunho’s outstanding skating performance received numerous praises

On the 22nd of May, the first episode of “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” was aired, featuring an intense competition between 10 stars that participated in this program and they are Kim Byung Man, Uknow Yunho, IU, Son Dambi, Lee Ah Hyun, Krystal, Seo Ji Suk, Park Jun-Keum, Lee Kyu-Hyuk and Jin Ji-Hee respectively. In this episode, Yunho displayed a different set of skating skills as compared to the other competitors, which surprised the staffs, audience as well as the judges.

On that day, Yunho did a “Homage to Michael Jackson” performance, and have brought out a perfect tribute stage for Michael Jackson together with the outfit that symbolizes Michael Jackson which includes a black suit, a hat and a pair of glittering gloves. In addition to the dance moves, the skills that Yunho performed have far exceeded the expectations. Although Yunho’s dancing ability is of no doubt, but to be able to dance excellently on the ice rink as well has definitely amazed the audience. After the performance, Yunho has won a standing ovation from the 100 audience who acts as the evaluation team.
Yunho started to learn skating two months ago and he expressed that “I’ve only skated once for all my life, that’s when I was in High School, but I stop skating after that because I kept falling”. However, Yunho started skating two months ago because of the show. Yunho mentioned that “It seems that I’ve went back to the time when I was still a rookie, ice skating is more difficult than I’ve imagined it to be, I’ve imagined myself doing the jumps and spins on the ice rink, but when I’m standing on the ice rink, I faced difficulties in each and every steps that I took”.
Actually, Yunho has practiced ice skating for quite a number of times, Changmin sent his encouragements for Yunho stating that “Yunho’s character is that once he decided to do accomplish something; he will make sure that he does it, so whatever he does, the outcome will be a great one”.
In addition, director Kim Jae Hyuk PD complimented that “Yunho has placed a lot of efforts into ice skating, he is a smart guy and works very hard as well. He has a hectic schedule and often has work scheduled till 12am, but he would practice skating at about 5am in the morning. His persevering and hard-working attitude makes him looks really attractive”.
Also, Kim’s Yuna Choreographer David Wilson praises Yunho as well. David Wilson is one of the judges for this show and has looked precisely at Yunho’s each and every moves throughout the performance, and after which, he commented that “Holy cow! You are the strongest skater in the group so far, like a Music Video, I meant you were in character, the bench, everything was tidy and all. Amazing! And you dance really well.” David Wilson then give Yunho a score of 8.7.
Other judges who include MC Kim Yuna, International Referee Go Sung Hee and Singer Kim Jang Hoon have given high scores to Yunho as well. They have given praises such as “This is a performance that is beyond my expectations, I’ve not expected to see jumps and spins, it’s really surprising”, “He has performed what I’ve expected for him, an amazing performance”, “Although the overall performance is great, his speed is the best”.
In the first episode, Yunho has received praises from the judges and regarding to this, he expressed that “I am really nervous, although there’s some part of the performance that I’m unhappy with, but I’ve placed in my best so I feel contented, I am really happy, till now that happiness is still staying with me!”
Source: MyDaily, TVReport, YinYueTai, Sports Chosun
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