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The “unexpected relationships” that surprises people

The “unexpected relationships” in the entertainment industry that surprises people.
There are many “unexpected relationships” in the entertainment industry, and one of the many representatives is Uknow Yunho and Park Soo Jin.

The close relationship between Uknow Yunho and Park Soo Jin is shown through the photo that was taken with the both of them having an intimate pose. Park Soo Jin uploaded the photo through her Twitter last October with caption stating, “This photo was taken when I went to watch the musical ‘Goong’ (궁). We took this photo in the waiting room! Both of us feel that our left side of our face looks the best, and thus, we decided to face the same direction for the photo. Under any circumstances, Yunho will put in his very best to bring out a perfect performance and this has motivated me to work hard as well. ”
Later, Park Soo Jin has stated that “I have known Yunho for more than 10 years, when Sugar has just debuted, Yunho was Dana’s rapper. TVXQ’s fans know that we are close friends as well”.
In addition, Park Soo Jin expresses her view on Yunho, “The people around me have all commented that that Yunho is a very handsome guy. However, I have known him since he was young and thus, I don’t really think in this way. Our character are much alike, and thus, we are similar in many areas too.”
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