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yunho got the second place of most popular leader

Jakarta - Leader is the backbone for a Kpop group. They set the members, launch introductions when appearing on television, and generally the most respected elder in a group. Leader is also usually the most to answer questions in the interview.

Here are 10 most popular Kpop leader voting by Korean MTV. Who are they?

5. Onew 'SHINee'

Onew is leader who frequently bullied by other members that are much younger. However, he ever cooked for Taemin (SHINee's youngest member) and drive him to school.

4. G-Dragon 'Big Bang'

G-Dragon whose real name Kwon Ji Young is already well-known in the entertainment world since childhood. He began his training in YG Entertainment since 12 years old. GD, his nickname also wrote most songs for Big Bang. He was recognized as a musical genius by critics and music observers in Korea.

3. Taeyeon 'SNSD'

As a leader, Taeyeon called omma (mother) by other members. He earned the nickname 'Kid Leader' because her little body. Taeyeon is also known fussy in every morning because always waking the other SNSD members when they all are still asleep.

2. Yunho 'TVXQ'

Yunho was popular even before he's officially became part of TVXQ. He even has a fan club before joining TVXQ. Although known for handsome, Yunho instead do not have anti-fans. He had rushed to the hospital in 2006 after drinking a beverage delivery of anti-fans. Yunho also had to be the only dancers from Asia to the concert 'Michael Jackson: The Tribute Concert'.

1. Leeteuk 'Super Junior'

Since Kibum off to focus on acting, Kangin off because of military, and Hankyung came out because the case with the agency, as the leader Leeteuk keep smiling. He always keep the image of SuJu members and answering difficult questions during the interview. No wonder Leeteuk occupy a position as a leader on the most popular.


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