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[NEWS] 110331 AVEX is interfering with JYJ’s activities in Japan? Controversy over deleted news article

he recent claim from a Japanese news media that Avex is interfering with JYJ’s activities in Japan has come forward and become the object of a controversy.

After the massive earthquake in Eastern Japan, in addition to Japanese celebrities, Korean wave stars with many fans in Japan such as Bae Youngjoon and Lee Byunhun, have donated money for aid. Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu’s unit, JYJ, are also included in such a list of celebrities.

JYJ’s 3 members debuted in Japan in 2005 with Yunho and Changmin, who are currently working as DBSK members. By being under AVEX’s management, a company which manages the most popular Japanese singers (such as Hamasaki Ayumi, Koda Kumi), they members received the same treatment as J-POP artists in Japan.

Their success comes from the fact that they didn’t outwardly promoted their image as K-POP’s best idol singers. Even when they were holding events, they rejected media which covered them as K-POP singers.

Their background is that they were able to earn great popularity by completely integrating into Japanese music scene.

JYJ, who has many fans in areas affected by the earthquake, has been said to be decided as participants of the Japan donation event.

The event, which will be held on June 7th in Yokohama Arena, plans to donate part of its profit to areas affected by the earthquake. A Japanese Celebrity press representative stated, “This [will be] first JYJ’s live performance in Japan since last June. Because it’s an event many fans have been waiting for, I hope it will become widely known.”

The background of such a statement stems from AVEX, the record company managing DBSK, contacting numerous newspapers and magazine companies asking them to “eliminate advertisements relating to JYJ’s live performance.” In the end, because of AVEX’s request, Japanese press was not enthusiastic in promoting JYJ’s live performace in Japan.

JYJ and AVEX had a loud fight while DBSK was being divided. AVEX announced a stop in its support of JYJ’s activities in Japan and as a reason claimed that they were being used despite knowing about JYJ beforehand.

Than why is AVEX interfering with JYJ’s Japanese activities? According to a rep from a Japanese record company, “AVEX, who is vigorously supporting 2-member DBSK, concluded that having JYJ, which includes Jaejoong, who was most popular in Japan, will be a loss.”

People are using an article published on March 22nd at about 5am in Japan Daily Sports to prove that AVEX is interfering with JYJ’s activities in Japan. [Japan Daily Sports] posted an article with JYJ’s statement, “we believe that this earthquake is not only a sadness for Japanese people, but everyone in this world. If everyone keeps hope and remains brave, the clouds will go away and sun will shine,” but was deleted a few hours later.

Despite this, JYJ’s event in June will be held as planned. Japanese media estimates that the fight between JYJ and AVEX will be ultimately decided by the public’s decision and the number of people attending the event.

Source: Nate

Trans by: withJYJ

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