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[NEWS] C-Jes’s Announcement in English about details on the cancellation of Indonesia Concert

World Tour – Indonesia’s Cancellation

Dear Fans who have been waiting for Worldwide Tour – Indonesia,
This is the official announcement of Worldwide Tour – Indonesia’s cancellation.

Last Saturday, 26th March, we informed Indonesian promoter about the cancellation officially.
We warned Indonesian promoter several times about their non-fulfillment of the contract.
However, they kept breaching the articles in contract so that JYJ has no choice but cancellation because we cannot find any smooth progress for the concert preparation.
We tried our best not to cancel the show for many fans waited for JYJ but there are too many factors which could possibly make JYJ’s impression bad.
JYJ feel so sorry that they cannot meet Indonesian fans this time.
We do know that there are rumors about Singapore concert.
We are on process of changing promoter there and negotiation in Singapore at the moment.
Please be patient for our official announcement for Singapore concert.
Indonesia is the only place that has been cancelled so far, and we will let you know about changing or adding places to go for.
Thank you for your understanding. 

Source: C-Jes website

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