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Fans of JYJ filed a notification to Japanese Fair Trade Commission, “unfair deal”.

Seoul, Korea – The fans started to take action for the group JYJ, whose lawsuit is in progress against SM entertainment on its claim of exclusive right.
Prain, a public relations agency of JYJ, stated its position on 27th through Starnews “JYJ’s Japanese fans filed a notification to the Japanese Fair Trade Commission against the former Japanese agency Avex.

 The fans requested the Fair Trade Commission to guarantee JYJ’s right to appear on TV and its civil rights, complaining on 3 matters including ‘unfair obstruction of the benefit concert,’ ‘unilateral rescindment announcement’ and ‘the exclusion of JYJ-related products in the Auricon ranking and the absence of its prior notification.’
At first, the fans complained that the concert itself was called off due to the obstruction of Avex. The Japanese fans union claimed, “At that time, JYJ donated 600,000,000 won immediately after the earthquakes through international relief and development organization World Vision and planned its benefit performance in Japan on June 6. The concert was cancelled due to the pressure by Avex.”
It continued “Avex interrupted with the concerts, leading to the refusal of the permission by Yokohama Arena and Saitama Super Arena for the scheduled concerts. As unreasonable as it may seem, it is also being reported that Avex pressured Yokohama Arena, saying ‘If JYJ gets permission, we are never going to use that place again with our artists’
“Such interruption with the benefit performance by a dominant agency in the music industry Avex violates the fair trade regulations,” it claimed.
Secondly, it complained against the “unilateral announcement of rescindment decision.” According to the notification, JYJ started its activities in Japan on April 14th, 2010 after its exclusive management contract with Avex Management Corporation. However, Avex on September 16 suddenly and unilaterally expressed its rescindment of JYJ’s activities in Japan.
On this, JYJ expressed its dissatisfaction that Avex unilaterally suggested unfair conditions different from those in the original contract, and, as it rejected them, Avex unilaterally expressed its rescindment on JYJ’s activities in Japan, raising the issue of the career record of the representative of C-JeS (JYJ’s Korean management agency) which Avex had been already aware of when the contract was first signed.
The fans continued, “After its rescindment, Avex has been selling JYJ-related products and profiting from it, while continuing to stop the activities of JYJ in Japan. Such behaviours are against business ethics and also constitute a charge of unfair trade.”
Thirdly, the fans expressed its concern about the ‘exclusion of JYJ-related products in the Auricon ranking and the absence of its prior notification.’ Although JYJ DVD ‘Memories in 2010’ and ‘THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME LIVE CD’ released last March were the best selling products according to the sales data by DVD and CD stores, it was not reflected in the Auricon ranking.
On this matter, Auricon had previously announced the reason behind the action, “Those were the products released under the condition that Avex would not engage in any promotion activities including the ranking announcement, since it had rescinded the activities of the artists.”
The fans responded, “We think that excluding the JYJ-related products from Auricon chart that is regarded as a standard in the Japanese music industry violates the fair trade regulation. The exclusion decision was first revealed by Auricon after the products had already been released and the consumers were not informed about it in advance. This is a very unfair sales practice.”
Lastly, JYJ’s fans added their signatures on the notification and commented, “Please consider the earnest voice of the consumers. We ask for a strict investigation and the following measures.”
Previously, 80,000 overseas fans of JYJ also filed a petition for guaranteeing JYJ’s right to appear on TV and its civil rights to the Seoul District Court and Fair Trade Commission on last February 28th.
By Park Young Woon (
Source: Mtstarnews (Original article in Korean)
Photo from Mtstarnews DB
Translated by Yesul Kwak /

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