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[Trans] 110525 JYJ Japan Charity Concert – Reason Why Event Time Was Revealed But Not Event Location

Only revealing the event date, without a location. This is not a “guerrilla” performance, but an actual performance where tickets have to be purchased.
However, it is currently in a situation which cannot be understood easily. This is the Japanese charity concert of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu of JYJ.

JYJ will be holding a charity concert on 7 June. This concert was created in support of victims of the big earthquake that hit Japan in March. However, their management company C-JeS Entertainment has only revealed the event date, and has said nothing about where the concert will be held.
This is what happened. Initially, JYJ, who had broken away from TVXQ, had started selling tickets (for this event) for a concert at Yokohama Arena. However, they suddenly received a notice that they would be unable to perform at Yokohama arena, and the management company switched locations to Saitama Arena.  However, they once again received a notice from the location management dissolving the agreement.
This matter is related to JYJ’ s management company in Japan, Avex Entertainment. Avex, who announced the suspension of JYJ’s activities in October last year, heard about this Charity Concert, and sent a official notice to the locations requesting that they “Do not hold this concert.”
In response to this, JYJ’s management company, together with the charity concert organiser Zak Corporation, filed for a provisional injunction against Avex Entertainment for unfair handling last month at Japan’s Tokyo District Courts.
With their concert venue being coerced into cancellation, the performance would have to be cancelled completely, but the management company has decided to push ahead with the plans to hold the concert.
According to personnel related to JYJ, the concert venue has already been decided. Those who have purchased tickets will be notified of the location soon via SNS. It will not be held at the currently stated arena, and because it will be an outdoor location, audio technicalities may occur, but after consideration of the waiting fans, they have decided to go ahead with this concert.
C-JeS Entertainment, expressed via their Japanese website, that “This concert is not just a one-time event, please take this to be a sign that JYJ will be restarting activities in Japan from now on. Even if the location for this concert may not be the best, please believe in our sincerity, and we hope that everyone will be able to support us.”
On another note, on 7 June at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome, Yunho and Changmin’s TVXQ will be participating in a joint K-Pop concert, incidentally creating a face-off of TVXQ members in Japan.
Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Chosun]
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